CI-IN261 CO2 analyzer

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Chang Ai
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1          Introduction

CI-IN261 produced by Chang Ai Technology & Development Company is a CO2 analyzer that based on NDIR principle. It adopts digital processing technology as zero point/range point calibration, linear processing, temperature compensation, switch output, flow/voltage output, parameters setting ect. CI-IN261 analyzer has good intelligence, high precision, which applies to various industries and environment to test CO2 concentration.

2          Typical Application

   Air production and manufacturing;

   Gas detection in petrochemical process;

   Protective gas detection in industrial process.

3          Main features of CI-IN261

 NDIR,sensor does not touch tested gas, sensor poisoning will not happen;

 Good intelligence, stability, high reliability and long calibration cycle;

Composed of 128×64 LCD to show CO2 concentration, menu, set data and instrument working state, one piece of toughened glass is covered on the surface of screen, protecting LCD and buttons;

Menu lock function, prevent negative impact of error operation on analyzer;

Latest touch key technology, extending service life of button

Two-way single-pole single-throw alarm function;

RS485/RS232(optional)two-way communication function,connect to computer or other digital equipment to communicate;

One combination of isolated analogue output signal, which can be set 4-20mA, 0-20mA or 0-10V of analogue output mode;

Easy structure, operation and maintenance.

4          Technical Specifications of CI-IN261

4.1 Technical Specifications

l   Testing principle:HDIR testing

l   Range:0~30.0%/50.0%/100%  CO2

l   Accuracy:≤±2% FS

l   Repeatability:≤±1% FS

l   Zero drift:±1% FS/7d

l   Span drift:±1% FS/7d

l   Response time:T90<15s(500ml/min)

4.2 Application Condition

l   Power supply:85~264VAC,50/60Hz

l   Ambient temperature:5~45°C

l   Ambient humidity:<90%RH

l   Sample gas pressure:95~105KPa

l   Sample gas flow:500~1000ml/min

l   Measuring medium:Gas as Ar, O2, H2 which has no overlapping adoption with CO2

4.3 Function input/output

l   External control signal:One combination of absorbable 9~28VDCsignal control pump(optional)

l   Analogue output:One combination of standard 4~20mA,0~20mAand 0~10Vcan be set through menu;

l   Communication:RS485/RS232(optional)

l   Alarm output:Two combinations of alarm switch output

l   Alarm contact capacity:240VAC,0.2A

4.4 Basic parameters

l   Sensor life:18,000 hours(normal use)

l   Instrument life:>50,000 hours(normal use)

l  Instrument dimension:144mm(W)×144mm(H)×295mm


 Order Knowledge

1. Measure range

2. Gas pressure & temperature

3. Gas impurities & composition